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lorena zinkhann
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Every bracelet from                                            gives happiness to everyone!


It's always a bracelet with a (hi)story


Several years ago I was searching for a way to make beautiful memorable and sustainable bracelets.

All materials have a (hi)story

Reuse of materials with a (hi)story is the core for the development of the bracelets. Behind every bracelet is a story to tell, personal or general.

Everyone in the chain is happy

Only happy faces. Whether you provided the materials to produce the bracelet or purchased the bracelet or received the bracelet.

The production does not contribute to a disposable economy

The passive disposable economy results in a growing mountain of clothing and in increasing waste that is difficult to degrade. Probably you know that tin cans are an important part of litter. Although the lips are attached to today's can,  they are pulled off. These lips are difficult to break down in a natural environment. The bracelets are made of 100% used fabrics and can lips.


I am proud to share the LC bracelet collection to you all.

Loving greetings,


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